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Aiden McGuire

About Me

My name is Aidan McGuire and I am a Sports Massage Therapist. Originally from Northumberland I moved to Swansea in 2014.

I grew up as a competitive swimmer and have always been interested in exercise physiology and the scientific reasoning behind sport. My own training which involved up to 20 hours per week in the pool helped me learn the importance of caring for my body and using services such as sport massage to maintain my physical performance. During my undergraduate studies I became particularly interested in the anatomy and physiology of the human body during sport and exercise and specifically the impact that overuse and acute injury can have on muscles, joints and other muscular-skeletal structures. This led me to pursue becoming a Sports Massage Therapist after graduating.

I am still an active participant in sport and exercise with a particular interest in endurance sports such as running and triathlon as well as ocean-based sports including surfing, paddle-boarding and surf lifesaving.

Sports massage therapy aims to assist in fixing sporting injuries and imbalances caused by trauma and/or repetitive strenuous activity. When performed prior to and/or after training or competition, sports massage can improve performance, aid recovery and prevent injury. The techniques I use include but are not limited to: Deep tissue massage, Trigger point therapy, MET stretching, Soft tissue release techniques and Myofascial release techniques.

Sports massage therapy is NOT just for those participating in sport and exercise. The techniques used can help with many conditions and pains associated with our modern lifestyles including back pain, postural issues and stress related tension.


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