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Sara Farina

About Me

Hello, I’m Sara and I’m originally from Italy. I moved to the UK to study because of my great passion for osteopathy and patient centred care.

I truly believe the body has the ability to heal itself and I use this principle during my treatments. Osteopathy assists the body in finding a new health balance. To do this I use a combination of osteopathy techniques including deep tissue massage, mobilisation, manipulations, as well as muscle energy techniques and exercise prescription. I believe each person to be an individual and therefore strive to develop a treatment plan which is unique and appropriate to each patient’s needs.

During my degree I treated a wide variety of musculoskeletal complaints, from acute to chronic, and had the opportunity of working in both a private and a NHS clinic. This exposed me to a diverse mix of patients including high performing athletes, pregnant women, teenagers and pensioners.

I received a First in my dissertation on how osteopathy may be effective in the prevention of hamstring injuries in dancers. From a very young age, I trained in ballet and contemporary dance. I believe this interest led me to study osteopathy, as I had a good understanding of body movements through my training. Now that I have graduated I am interested in treating amateur and professional dancers. My combined knowledge of osteopathy and dance gives me a better insight into what injuries dancers are more prone to.

In the evening I teach Pilates-based exercise classes. My experience in dance and Pilates combined with my osteopathy training provide me with an excellent understanding of how simple exercises can be very effective in injury prevention and pain management.

Another interest of mine is horse-riding and the care of horses. I am currently studying Equine Osteopathy, to further my knowledge of osteopathy and how it can be applied to animals. This will make me more qualified to treat riders and their horses.