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Talitha Drennan

About Me

Talitha is a Graduate Sports Therapist and Sports Scientist.

She specialises in the treatment of musculoskeletal (MSK) & sports injuries as well as sports performance enhancement. This entails the prevention, assessment, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of MSK and sports injuries.

When combined it results in the latest sports science (Biomechanics, S&C principles, Sports Psychology, Fitness Testing) research being blended with sports therapy (manual therapy and exercise rehabilitation), bringing a well-rounded approach in dealing with sports injuries or everyday niggles and pains.

Talitha believes in working together with the patient to establish the individualized end goal by empowering patients via knowledge/education, increasing self-efficacy/self-management and regaining connection with their body, as well as following an individually tailored rehabilitation programme addressing the patients' specific needs (including dealing with the psychological impact an injury has).


Therapy Services Talitha Provides

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