Homeopathy is a complementary system of healing; it is a system which incorporates both the art of healing, and the science of medicine; it assists that natural tendency of the body to heal itself, and is safe, non-addictive, and effective.

Homeopathy is a safe and effective method of enabling the body to heal itself and can be used for all ages from infant problems, during pregnancy to aging concerns. It focuses on the patient as an individual, concentrating on treating the person as a whole. Homeopathy recognises that these symptoms of ill-health are frequently expressions of imbalance or disharmony within the whole person, and that it is the patient, not the disease itself, at which the treatment should be directed.

Rarely, will two individuals suffering from the same complaint have exactly the same symptoms; they express the disease in their own way. So, in order to find the exact remedy for any given patient, the Homeopath needs to have a clear understanding of who that patient is, together with any complaints and details of how the patient experiences them