Physical, Post-surgical, Injury and Sports Rehabilitation

Physical, Post-surgical, Injury and Sport Rehabilitation are aspects of healthcare which aim at assessing, diagnosing and treating musculoskeletal (more commonly known as muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones) dysfunctions, injuries, pains and niggles that you may be experiencing.

It combines manual therapy, exercise therapy and exercise prescription in order to facilitate the body’s natural healing process and more effective management of pain. In addition, it helps to empower you in your return to the highest level of function possible and for some sports performance.

Physical Rehabilitation and movement re-training is often in continuity with osteopathic treatment and is necessary to prevent risks of re-injury in regaining strength and quality of movements after experiencing pain and dysfunction.

When to undertake Physical, Injury and Sport Rehabilitation:

  • Following or during an episode of pain
  • Following orthopaedic surgery
  • When suffering from chronic musculoskeletal conditions (Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, Chronic pain, etc)
  • Following a sport injury
  • Following osteopathic treatment

Physical Rehabilitation:

Physical Rehabilitation aims at enhancing quality of life of those suffering with chronic musculoskeletal conditions such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic pain and more.
It uses exercise therapy to help manage symptoms such as pain but also helps to improve functions.

Furthermore, in enabling you to become more active, physical rehabilitation participates in reducing the risks of developing other chronic illnesses.

Post-orthopaedic Rehabilitation:

Post-orthopaedic Rehabilitation aims and enables you to mobilise as early as possible in order to reduce swelling, manage pain, restore range of motion, joint proprioception and balance and re-strengthen the muscles surrounding the operated area. All of these aims at returning in to physical function and independency a safe and controlled manner.

Injury Rehabilitation:

Injury Rehabilitation aims to facilitate the injury natural healing process while gradually exposing the injured structure to normal movements and functions. This enables you to return to normal function more safely and quickly.

Sports Rehabilitation:

Sports Rehabilitation often follows injury rehabilitation but can also simply help you return to a more physically active lifestyle.

This aims at gradually exposing your body to the demand and physical requirements of your sport hence optimising return to sport, performance and preventing risks of (re)injury.

Sport Rehabilitation applies the concepts of strength and conditioning in respecting the stages of tissue healing and your physical abilities.

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