Judith Johnson

About me

Judith offers The EMMETT Technique and Scar Therapy at the clinic.

Both these techniques are gentle, hands-on therapies suitable for all ages and abilities. Judith has treated babies as young as 10 days old and elderly clients in their late 90’s, as well as active people and amateur sportspeople. The techniques help with improving movement, restoring body balance as well as relaxation for body and mind.

Judith started her EMMETT Practitioner journey in 2007. She has been a complementary therapist since 2004, after leaving her previous career as an Occupational Therapist (OT). Scar Therapy studies started in 2018. Judith continues to update her skills in both therapies on a regular basis.

Whilst working as an OT, Judith gained extensive experience, working in Psychiatry and in a range of specialities in physical health care, Social services and in educating new generations of OTs. Over the years, Judith has gained a deep and varied level of experience that she draws on to help her clients and students.

Judith started teaching EMMETT in 2010 and is now an International Instructor working mainly within the UK, but also travelling to teach.

She has completed the EMMETT4Dogs and EMMETT4Horses Practitioner courses and now runs a home visit service offering EMMETT for dogs.

More information about Judith and the techniques she uses can be found at her website www.everybodysbetter.co.uk

Therapy Services Judith Provides