Sam Webborn BOst (Hons)

About me

With an Osteopath as a father, I have been aware of the benefits of osteopathic treatments from a young age.  Enjoying the benefits of treatments myself and seeing him help others, inspired me to also be able to help people in the same way.

As keen sportsman, involved in golf, football, tennis and cricket, my initial passion lies in the biomechanical aspect and holistic approach to improve the structure and functionality of the body to prevent injuries and optimise performance. However, I soon discovered that there is more to Osteopathy than just treating sportsmen and women.

I graduated with a Bachelors degree in Osteopathy with Honours from Oxford Brookes University in 2015. Working at the University clinic enabled me to treat a diverse range of patients with a diverse range of conditions, broadening and enhancing my skill set.

Using a combination of spinal manipulation, soft tissue massage and muscle energy techniques along with giving exercise and strengthening programmes, I am able to treat a wide range of both acute problems and chronic conditions. I am also qualified in Medical Acupuncture and use this alongside Osteopathy.

Therapy Services Sam Provides